Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sun Knot Moon

For my FNSI I read a little and stitched a little. I started a new book recently called The Red Pyramid. Not many people know that I am interested in Ancient Egyptian Mythology. I am really enjoying it, even though I find the sister in the book, Sadie, to be incredibly annoying. The gods' personalities are by far my favorite characters.

This book brings Egyptian mythology to this century in an entertaining way. Since it is the first book in the series, I decided I need a bookmark.

I finished the "Sun" Eye of Horus and started work on the Knot of Isis that I drafted my self.

I plan on stitching the "Moon" Eye of Horus as well. The story goes that Set, Horus' brother/uncle, stole Horus' eye. Thoth, the scribe of the gods, made him a new eye from pieces of the moon.

This is what mom had to drink last night. Hmmm ... "Throwback" ... I thought that can't be foreshadowing at all. Within an hour, mom almost threw her back out trying to take out stitches in the quilt that she is quilting for Ant Nicci.