Saturday, December 17, 2011

guest blogger

Melissa is still on the Injured Reserve list for FNSI and i told her that i would type up a post for her ... so ... prepare yourself for minimal punctuation, missing capital letters, slang, and sentences ending with prepositions...

i started by asking her exactly what it was that she was doing last night whilst Sven Thorson and i were slaving away on the OTR trees ... ahem ... after coming down from her high horse, she showed me the stack of presents that she wrapped with absolutely no help from me...

wait for it...

think these will fit in Santa's sleigh?!?
aren't those just the cutest things?!? she wrapped each present that she and i are giving this year to resemble Santa's middle ... the pictures don't do them justice ... and you can't see the big blue tote that is filled with smaller presents ... lots of them ... i humbly bow to her present-wrapping prowess ... i am a present-wrapping slacker ... i used to love to wrap gifts in red foil paper with huge white satin bows and hand-made ornaments adorning them ... but then crankiness set in and now people are lucky if i remember to take off the price tag before i shove whatever the gift is back into the store's bag and throw it at them ... after all, it's the thought that counts, innit?!?

she also worked on some scrapbook pages, but i am not allowed to see them cuz they are surprises for my plentieth birthday ... sheesh

well ... i guess that's all i have to say about that
i dunno ... do you think she will ever ask me to post for her again?!?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

FNSI Injury Report...

Yet again FNSI has taken a turn for the bloody for me. This time it was in the form of a severe, vicious, malicious, heinous, cruel paper cut.

I decided to get to work on the ONE thing mom asked for for her birthday. A scrapbook. Scrapbooking sounded harmless enough and I was ready to get my butt in gear. Just after finishing the first page the curse of FNSI struck me yet again with a very deep blood-pouring paper cut on my left ring finger.

Tombstone's Doc Holiday played by LuLu!!!
I was actually watching the very bloody scene when Morgan dies when the injury occurred.

I bandaged myself up and got back to work. After all, it was just a flesh wound. All in all, I got 9 pages done and in her book. Just 2 more and I am good to go.

On a lighter note I would like to relate a nice little story that happened today. Mom and I were out shopping. We were paying for our stuff when an Eagles Christmas song came on the speakers.

Hey mom - it's the Eagles!

No, it's not.

Yes, it is. It's Don singing. Ya know - the drummer.

How do you know this stuff?!? You're just weird.