Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tree Quilts and Fairies!!!

FNSI was last night and I had a great time. Yes, Mom, I finished the bookmark a month ago. That will be in another post at another time.

So, what did I work on? Well, I worked on Mom's Christmas present. She already knows that she is getting it and is very excited. About a year ago I made a quilt that I refer to as my tree quilt. As so often happens to me, I had enough extra blocks to make a small quilt which I refer to as mini tree quilt. Mom has no suggestions on a real name for it and I am out of ideas. Last night I started putting the binding on the mini tree quilt. Mom picked the backing when the quilt was still mine. She said it should be a "drinking coffee on a Sunday morning" quilt.

I also worked on the sunflower afghan that I hope to one day finish. I am a novice when it comes to crochet, so I am learning a lot. I am trying to do this without asking Mom a billion questions. You would have to ask her if I am succeeding or not.

I watched Supernatural last night and laughed so hard I had to put the quilt down before I permanently injured myself. Sam and Dean had to battle it out with leprechauns and fairies.

I said last month that Mom had a bad encounter with the quilting frame. This month it was my turn. Last week I was loading a quilt for my brother on the frame and as I bent over to get it on right, my head smacked the frame. The frame is 12 feet long and of those 144 inches, half an inch has a bolt on it. And, of course, with my luck and gracefulness I hit the bolt. It is safe to say I am stearing clear of the frame for a while.