Saturday, October 22, 2011

From Fall to Winter in One Night!!!

For FNSI I wanted to work on something I already had started.

I really like how bright they are and am so happy they are put together. Thank you mom for figuring out the block!!!

Since I finished the Northern Lights blocks for the BOM I had to choose something else to work on.

I decided to keep working on my Wintergraphix quilt I started last weekend. It has a lot of paper piecing and it's taking a while.

It's still in pieces but they are starting to take shape.

Mom and I listened to the Eagles first. I had to pick their first greatest hits CD because mom like the songs she knows and can sing along. Then we listened to James Taylor's greatest hits. When that CD finished it was just in time for Monk to come on. We watched one episode together and then my poor little legs were tired from standing and trimming and pressing, so I stopped to watch more TV, Nikita and Supernatural, and work on a puzzle I started a while back.