Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hide and Seek!!!

Last night was FNSI. So I settled in and thought about what (of my many projects that have been started) I should work on.

Mom has been on me about finishing my candy cane quilt that hasn't gotten finished yet. We got some new fabrics this week and she has been thinking of how to use them. She realized that the candy cane fabric from a Very Fairy Christmas looked a lot like the candy cane that I embroidered last year. So I dragged out my stitching and blocks that are finished. It was a perfect match.

So I (after many "work on them! work on them!" from mom) decided to work on my last three paper pieced blocks and see how far I could get.

I got my stuff ready, then I looked around for the back up fabric that I have for when (yes, when because I know that I will) I mess up. I couldn't find it any where. I spent about twenty minutes tearing up my side of the sewing room and trying to get it back together again. I gave up looking and hoped for the best.

The two blocks I got done and two of my embroidered blocks on the perfect fabric for sashing.

I was also given my first pair of stork scissors by my mom yesterday, and I have to show them off. I don't have much fondness for birds, and the feeling is mutual. They are the ones that started the feud. I have always wanted a pair of stork scissors for myself, but I couldn't find any that I liked. These are perfect.

This is the stitching bag I got from Ant Nicci and my NEW black and white stork scissors.

I collect pins and decided this is the perfect place to put some of them. The pin with my name has been in a button tin for as long as I can remember. 2 are from my recent trip to Florida. 4 of them are from the shop hop that mom and I try to go to every year. (You'll never guess which little pal might join us this year - if we go.)