Sunday, February 10, 2013

On There...Two words I wish I could hear again

It's been a while, I know.  Things happen and things change.    Several months ago I started a Saturday sampler that I wanted to make for my grandma.  I had just learned to machine applique, and my first  project was a flower dog.  It looks a lot like Sassy, my grandparents' dog way, way, way back when I was little (Okay, okay. I still am little. I meant way, way, way back when I was young).

Last month Grandma passed.  She never got to see the quilt I was making for her.  She didn't even know about it.  Now it is a quilt in honor and memory of her.  I changed my ideas for it, and have decided to make it the most intense quilt I have ever done.

Here is the main part of Sassafras...

Each of the eight blocks under it will have to do with dogs or with Sassy, in particular.

Here is Block 1 of 8...

I miss my grandparents very much.  I never got to meet my mom's dad.  I lost my Grandpa when I was 12.  Now I have lost both my grandmothers within 6 months of each other.  This quilt will channel my grief in a productive manner and hopefully be as beautiful as all my grandparents deserve.