Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Quilts Quilts Quilts!!!

I have waited to write my first quilt post until I knew exactly what I wanted to say.

these are my BOM's that I have finished. They are no where near as good as my mom's but she has been sewing for Plenty-Sum years. This quilt is going to go to my brother as a house warming present when it is finally finished (who knows when that will be).

These are the blocks that I am making with Celestial fabric for me. I have had a lot of fun picking the different fabrics for the different blocks. I think I am doing pretty good at coming up with numerous color matches for the blocks.

I am very excited to start the new BOM in July because all the blocks will look so diverse that there will be no bad combination.

"So it's a teenage thing? Pimples, rebellion, life sucking?" Lt. Colonel John Sheppard Stargate Atlantis

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I dinna ken!

Most people don't know what my URL stands for. Weel... My mom (of course - who else?) started talking about some books that she reads. This was a loooong time ago and memories fade over time. I finally picked up the almost 900 page book and read it. I fell in love. Outlander became my favorite book. That is ... until I read Dragonfly in Amber. I was captivated by the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. If you care my favorite is Drums of Autumn. I took a picture of the books that I could find in my room and there are only two missing. Mom gave me her copy of Drums of Autumn and bought me my own copy of A Breath of Snow and Ashes. She doesn't like sharing books with me ... she is very protective of all her books... sheesh ... she acts like they are her babies or something. I am the same way about my copies. I don't loan them to anyone!

When I was very small... Ok Ok so I am still very small... When I was let's say much younger my mom took me and BroBro with her to a book store, along with my very own Auntia (whom I call Ant Nicci) and my cousin. I got to meet the author very briefly, but I was a kid and thought that she was as cool as any celebrity (at the time I couldn't have told you her name to save my own soul).

My mom knew that I was hooked on the books, so for my 21st birthday she bought me the coolest ring I have ever seen. It is the ring that Jamie gives Claire after they are married. You can't really tell but it has thistles woven in a highland interlace pattern.

What is even cooler about it is that on the inside it has the message Jamie had inscribed on Claire's ring. "DA MI BASIA MILLE" I love my ring and rarely ever take it off.

I bring all this up for two reasons really. One - the new book in the series, Echo in the Bone, comes out this September and mom has already ordered both of our copies. Two - I decided to write my second informative speech (which I will be giving on Thursday) on the Outlander Series. I recomend this series to anyone who likes adventures and have a great sence of humor.

Friday, June 12, 2009


The other night I was up late on the computer. I share the computer with my mom. She had already gone to bed and I thought that I would give her a special treat when she woke up in the morning.

My mom thinks that Adrian Paul is hot hot hot. We usually have the debate about who is cuter, Adrian Paul or my first love Lorenzo Lamas. Adrian plays the ever so lovable Duncan McLeod on Highlander. Lorenzo plays the extremely good looking Reno Raines on Renegade.

I usually change the desktop wallpaper about once a month, to add variety to our lives (like we really need that right). So I decided I would find a really good picture of Adrian Paul online and make it the wallpaper. I knew she would like just about anything I put on there as long as it wasn't a wrestler. She has been stuck looking at wrestlers for at least a year. ( I have not shown her how to change the wallpaper yet.)

I saw a lot of good photos but I hadn't quite found what I was looking for. I was about to give up. Then I saw this picture and knew it was the one.

Good picture, right? Well, when I got up the next morning I was expecting a grin and a thank you. But what I got was the same reaction I get every other morning. "Good morning Melissa/Auntia (can't remember clearly most likely Auntia)." So I waited about an hour and still nothing. So I decided to ask if she noticed the new wallpaper on the computer. "Oh yeah. Who is that? He doesn't look right." I started laughing. When I started clutching my side she finally asked, "What is so darn funny?" Through gasps for air I told her who it was and she was dismayed. So my treat for her turned into a great treat for me and I had to share it.

Mom, I love you so very much and as long as you are around there will never be a dull moment. So this post is for you with tons of love and sharing.

"I'm Connor McLeod. Same clan different vintage." Connor McLeod Highlander

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Oh Boy!

I have the unfortunate task of giving my first public speech in front of the speech class on Thursday. I had a heck of a time figuring out a topic. So there I am surfing the web trying to find a topic that I can relate to me or localize to the city I live in. Easier said than done let me tell you. All of a sudden a topic literally jumped out at me. "The Day the Music Died." I said to my self, "Self, that is your favorite song and you have a personal tie to that day." Sweet my search was over.

In High school my favorite teacher, Mr. US History (mom you know him as Mr. Albino Raven), told my class about the day he went for a bike ride with his buddies. Their riding along, chillin', and then they see all this hoopla going on at one of their neighbor's fields. There had been a plane crash and they saw four bodies being carried away on stretchers. They found out later that day who it was they saw. They were devastated not only for the loss to the music industry but, my teacher informed me, had they known then they would have braced the cops and taken part of the plane as a souvenir.

Now that my search for a topic was over and done with the real work began. I looked up all I could find on Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J.P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson. Didn't take me long to get the info I needed on any of them. Man I love this topic. The easiest work I have ever had to do.

All I have left to do now is stand up in front of people I don't know and share what I have learned. I have my fingers crossed I don't run out of the room crying and dry heaving. Just kidding I will stand up there and fumble my way through it. There are no wimps in my family. Tee Hee.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I Love...

My Jyliebean's birthday is coming up. I can't believe she is turning 6 years old it seems only last month she was graduating from kindergarten. Oh wait she was. I was taking pictures and the kids started to sing and sign a song. After the first picture I realized the camera I was using can also take videos. This is what I was able to capture.

She is the one in the middle row wearing a green shirt. You notice her because she is the bestest looking one of the whole bunch. I am so proud of my little girl. Way to go.

Side note Dallas' birthday was on Wednesday. He turned the big 3. Man they grow up so fast.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

4th Meal

I came down stairs to get a drink this afternoon and I smelled something so good and very familiar. It was on the tip of my tongue but I couldn't figure it out. I went out to get the mail and came back in and smelled it again. It hit me. What I was smelling was Taco Bell's chicken fiesta bowl. I love those things. They are so good.
But I knew it couldn't be that, so I investigated the smell with my ever so clever nose. Under a bread cloth on the counter was a small crock-pot. I opened it and had a peek inside. Low and behold - it was my mom's famous homemade meatballs cooking in her even more famous homemade spaghetti sauce. Now, this meal will taste nothing like Taco Bell, it will taste even better!

It may look ugly, but in my family we always say the uglier it looks the better it is going to taste when dinner comes.
Although I am stuck with a very large craving for Taco Bell's chicken fiesta bowl. Meh - what can you do?