Saturday, April 17, 2010

E, F and G FNSI

So last night I worked on my effing F. It took me all night and I didn't get to start on my effing G. I am using the colorful language that my mother could have sworn I said. It's obvious that she doesn't hear anything I say. Just kidding. She is captivated by my every word, just waiting to laugh her butt off at my unintentional stupidity. For example, when I was searching for fat quarters for my Egyptian quilt, I held one up and asked her if it was too African to be Egyptian. Her reply was, "Melissa, Egypt is in Africa."

Yes, that is a new Mary Engelbreit tin. It has a peep hole and I just love it!!! The fabric at the top is candy canes that mom and I found on our OSSH.

Last night we had pizza, bread sticks, freshly baked french bread (eaten on the way home from the grocery store) and McFlurrys from McDonald's. I have to say that there has to be something inside those things because the moment we started eating them we turned goofy. Okay, okay, more goofy than normal. I mentioned this to mom and she said "I don't think that's what they mean by 'Brain Freeze' Melissa." At that time she was not under its influence. When she did start slurping her McFlurry, she was giggling so much that she got it all over her clothes. She started out with one spot; I turned around and she had five new spots.