Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ohhh SCARY!!!

Okay! Okay! Soooo my Halloween wasn't in the least bit scary. Here are all the creepy, crawly, nasty, and disturbing details...

I got to see all my kids in their Halloween costumes. Little Bit came over and I put her in the Bumblebee costume I bought for her. My sister, The Glamazon, got her a Ladybug outfit (shudder) but ever since I was bitten by one (a ladybug) they give me the creeps ( I am not lying - the welt it left was huge). I couldn't stand seeing her as one.

Like Auntia Like Niece

Pieces and Dallas came over Halloween evening. Pieces is as captivated by Bumblebee (the Transformer) as much as I am. Isn't she just adorable?! Dallas was Spiderman and was very convincing about it.

NoJo was a Swamp Doctor. He is just too darn cute to look scary. Jyliebean was a pink horse. With her recently lost front tooth she looks just as sweet as sweet can be.

I donned on my Star Trek outfit and had some fun handing out candy. The cutest little kitty cat came to my door wearing cat ears over a pink and black striped beanie. I couldn't convince mom to wear her Star Trek shirt. Hers is the Science officers' and mine is the Command officers'.

"We came in one piece and we expect to leave in one ... piece." Jack O'Neill Stargate SG-1


dianne said...

how sweet!!! my babies are so cute!!!

Kim said...

Finally you posted! LOL! Love the kids photos! I answered the door this year and handed out candy and got a kick out of all the cuties!

Kim said...

Halloween's SOOOOOO last year--almost!