Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Busy! Busy! Busy!

The week of Christmas was a hectic one. I took the time to document it since I was told (before Christmas) by sources that will remain anonymous that is was "Freakin' Christmas!" update your blog. So here is an update on my Christmas week.

This is the wall hanging that my mom and I started in June. We each made 2 blocks. This is our first attempt at hand applique. I plan to quilt strawberries in the border and a thistle in the center square.

I bake cookies every year for Christmas. This year I made 90 oatmeal cookies. They were so very good it was to bad that I had to share.

I had to make sugar cookies that looked like peppermints. HAD TO! They weren't bad to make but when it came time to frost them the White frosting had very strong objections. That's why there is very little white. I even dressed up like a peppermint.

I always make green Christmas tree cookies. I know my BroBro so well that I even made him an entire cookie sheet of extra crispy trees because that is how he likes all his cookies.

My favorite cookie that I make are chocolate haystacks. They are a lot of work because you have to have everything ready to go or your cookies are ruined. I love them. I don't always get around to making them but I made sure I did this year.

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dianne said...

you know, a chocolate haystack would really taste good right about now , and relieve a whole lotta stress ... i'm not sayin' ... i'm just sayin'

i LOVE the thistle wallhanging - maybe it SHOULD hang out in the magick shoppe

Kim said...

The red and white in this post will look real good when it's still your most recently post come FOURTH OF JULY! You can just change your background color to blue!

Gee, I can't believe you have TWO posts today too! Yes, word got that you'd posted again, and the stampede to read your posts has begun! The holiday treats look really yummy!