Saturday, May 22, 2010

A round of uh... uh... PAWS

Last night was FNSI and I got to work on my paper pieced BOM. I made the Bear Paw last night and it was like I was in a fight with a real BEAR. But I sucked it up, stitched up my battle wounds and made it through. So here it is:

I got the small part of the other block done too. There would have been more, but my battle scars from the Bear Paw were not fully healed and my ego was bruised by my FOUR attempts to get the SMALL piece together.

LuLu wanted to say HI as well.


Jennifer said...

Hi to you too, Lulu......

Kim said...

Thank goodness for the FNSI--those of us in Blogland are assured by your posting that your mom has untied you and let you out of the closet for your monthly outing! Say hi to LuLu--she's a cutie!

dianne said...

i thought i told you not to ever let anyone know about being tied up in the closet!!!

yeah - AS IF anything could fit into your closet!

your BOMs look super and those letters are way cool (even though i didn't see that they spell "hi" till you pointed it out to me)

Annemiek said...

Ah well, you did it in the end and it looks great. Sorry about your ego!
I love Lulu; we are friends for life now:)