Friday, August 6, 2010

Shop Hop Fever

Today was the first day of the annual Rocky Mountain Quilt Fever Shop Hop 2010. Accompanying us this year was none other than mom's dragon, Singe. He was given to her by the m&m's (her oldest grandson and granddaughter, and her youngest granddaughter) for Mother's Day this year.

I think next year we will bring a quieter companion. Singe talked throughout the whole trip in a voice that was uncannily like Sean Connery.

Singe wanted to have LuLu's MoMo showing for his photo op.

Our first stop was High Prairie Quilts. This was almost our last stop, as well. There was far too much pushing and shoving. I, being in a hurry this morning, forgot to eat anything. I was very short on patience and got on my mom's nerves far too quickly, since she was also upset with some of the other shop hoppers. Singe was not in a good mood, either, when we got back to the car.

Our second stop w
as Holly's Quilt Cabin. This was a much better experience. We bought some things and really enjoyed ourselves. I bought a peppermint tape measure. We came back to a car with fogged up windows. We had left Singe some water to drink.

We took the time to have lunch at a place we haven't been in a long time, Blimpies. I don't know if the food was better years ago, but it wasn't that good this time. I received a shock as I watched them warm up my meatballs in a GladWare container in a microwave. Singe smelled our sandwiches and, instead of drooling, he had steam coming out of his mouth. He did threaten to toast our subs for us. We told him no. He is still a baby and can't control himself very well.

The third shop was The Creative Needle. Here we saw a very interesting way to work with this year's shop hop fabric.

The fourth stop was Fabric Expressions. I found some very nice charm packs here. We had still not won a door prize at this point.

The fifth stop was The Great American Quilt Factory. This store alwa
ys has some very cool quilts on the walls and interesting project ideas.

The sixth stop was Harri
et's Treadle Arts. Here we bought some quilt cards that we wanted to add to our collection.

The seventh and final stop was Tomorrows Heirlooms. Mom bought a kit and some buttons. I bought some Christmas pins. Singe was not a happy camper. It had started to rain and there was thunder and lightning. He quivered in his car seat and refused to go outside.

We also made an extra stop at The Quilt Store. I got a pattern and some of the fabrics that go along with it. The storm was getting worse, so Singe insisted on coming in with us. He dug his claws into my side.

We had to deal with many complaints as to why Singe couldn't accompany us into the stores. How do you tell a stuffed animal that he is not alive and would be a burden? Not an easy thing to do. When we got home, Singe decided he had too much energy and he jumped in the Jumper.

All in all, a very good day.


Thelma said...

You know nothing good comes of you not eating breakfast....remember the boot incident?

I've never done a shop hop, between the elbows and weather, sounds like Singe was lucky to get to stay in the car.

The peppermint tape measure sounds just like you and adorable, a good find.

Lynda said...

Very fun! Thank you sew much for hopping!!
Lynda Milligan
Great American Quilt

The Twilight Quilters Coven said...

Keep me in mind as a traveling companion for next year..... Congratulations by the way!!!

ranette said...

Sounds like a full, but fun day!

Annemiek said...

Mmm, this sounds like an exhausting, but very nice day. Nothing about cranky mothers and daughters, ladies with leather bags... Are you sure you went with your mum?*lol*
Like the dragon, your mum should have taken him with her at the first shop to scare other ladies off:)