Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bloom Where You're Planted!!!

Last night was FNSI and of course I participated. But before I get into all that fun stuff, I hope everyone had a very green St. Patty's Day. I know I did (I spent the whole day watching and singing Celtic Thunder Heritage)!!!

So what did I get accomplished? Well...

I decided to use the night to catch up on my BOM's. I had five blocks to finish. I managed to finish before midnight.

This is the neutral block that needed to be done by April 9. Also pictured is the super-duper coffee fabric that I bought to go with my coffee quilt. It has officially been named "Clouds In My Coffee."

The first is my favorite block so far. The last two are my least favorite blocks so far.

These are the Lakehouse blocks for February and March that I am making along with the neutral blocks.

These are the previous months of Lakehouse blocks.


Jennifer said...

Gorgeous super duper coffee fabric, how luscious.....the Lakehouse blocks are knock-your-socks-off bright, aren't they! Way to go!

dianne said...

i love those Lakehouse blocks!!!

you already know how i feel about the neutrals - but i do like the coffee fabric - and maybe a quilt that doesn't shout, "HEY!!! LOOK AT ME!!!" will give our eyes a place to rest, eh?

Thelma said...

I too LOVE those Lakehouse blocks. A perfect project for spring! The colors make me happy.

Comfort Cove Designs said...

Your blocks look so bright and vibrant!!!! They look fabulous!!

Quiltingly Yours

Annemiek said...

Don't know my fav block; they all look bright and happy :)Love the flowers!