Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Jamm'n Challenge!!!

Ah, summer. It comes every year.The birds chirping(not going to mention that crow). The smell of freshly mowed grass in the air. Mom chasing Thumps out of the garden(poor thing is sooo confused. She said not to eat the strawberries, now she is saying stay away from her lettuce and eat the strawberries). Itchy eyes, stuffy noses and all around itchiness from the strawberries on the counter. Guess it's time to make that jam we bought them for.

This is my little buddy.  He's so big because last spring he ate all of mom's newly planted strawberries.
Now comes the point that mom and I cant agree on which recipe to use. LIGHT BULB!!! We each make a recipe since there's more than enough strawberries, (that's what happens when mom tells me to pick out some strawberries since they were on sale, so I picked out 4 pounds)

Maybe I have been watching too many cop shows but man does this look like a murder scene.

I have helped mom out in the past but never all on my own. So here's what happened. After putting on some Jammin tunes for us to work to we got to work.
Mom's Jam

My Jam
Some how I ended up with over a jar less of jam than mom. Mine took half the time though. In the end we were both successful. Although I am fighting the urge to go and buy more strawberries for more jam!!!

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dianne said...

i'm gonna go make me a strawberry jam sammich ... and i'm gonna use YOUR jam!!!