Saturday, May 9, 2009

Three little birds

I love my BroBro. He's one of my favorite people on Earth. I was at the store looking through a crochet hat book and saw a hat pattern that (to me) looked like dreadlocks. I tease my BroBro all the time about his hair. He is so nit picky about his hair. I had to make it for him. Easier said than done. I got so frustrated following the instructions I had to have my mom finish the hat so that I could put the dreadlocks on.

I couldn't be sure if it would look right so I brought in an expert test subject to try it on... I think it worked a little too well...

Alas, it was time to give it to him. I didn't want him to think I only make gag gifts for no reason at all... so I made him a cerulean blue scarf to soften the blow. Cerulean blue is his favorite color. I know him way too well.

You can see he liked the scarf...(hint: he is actually wearing it indoors). He laughed at the hat at first. Then he broke it to that if he put it on someone might hurt him. So he stuffed it back in the gift bag. He did promise me that if he ever puts it on he will take a picture for me.

"Bumblebee stop lubricating on the human!" Optimus Prime Transformers

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dianne said...

dreadlocks look good on Tarzan and Whoopi Goldberg ... i'm just not feeling it with these two guys