Friday, June 12, 2009


The other night I was up late on the computer. I share the computer with my mom. She had already gone to bed and I thought that I would give her a special treat when she woke up in the morning.

My mom thinks that Adrian Paul is hot hot hot. We usually have the debate about who is cuter, Adrian Paul or my first love Lorenzo Lamas. Adrian plays the ever so lovable Duncan McLeod on Highlander. Lorenzo plays the extremely good looking Reno Raines on Renegade.

I usually change the desktop wallpaper about once a month, to add variety to our lives (like we really need that right). So I decided I would find a really good picture of Adrian Paul online and make it the wallpaper. I knew she would like just about anything I put on there as long as it wasn't a wrestler. She has been stuck looking at wrestlers for at least a year. ( I have not shown her how to change the wallpaper yet.)

I saw a lot of good photos but I hadn't quite found what I was looking for. I was about to give up. Then I saw this picture and knew it was the one.

Good picture, right? Well, when I got up the next morning I was expecting a grin and a thank you. But what I got was the same reaction I get every other morning. "Good morning Melissa/Auntia (can't remember clearly most likely Auntia)." So I waited about an hour and still nothing. So I decided to ask if she noticed the new wallpaper on the computer. "Oh yeah. Who is that? He doesn't look right." I started laughing. When I started clutching my side she finally asked, "What is so darn funny?" Through gasps for air I told her who it was and she was dismayed. So my treat for her turned into a great treat for me and I had to share it.

Mom, I love you so very much and as long as you are around there will never be a dull moment. So this post is for you with tons of love and sharing.

"I'm Connor McLeod. Same clan different vintage." Connor McLeod Highlander

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dianne said...

ha ha ha! you got Rocky in here, too! yo, Adrienne ... now that's what i'm talking about - Duncan is NATURALLY hot and THAT is why i thought there was something wrong with the man in the picture - no 'roids, so he couldn't be a rassler ... and i don't think i'd ever seen Duncan wet before ... besides, it's not the man - it's the myth behind the man ...... Highlander RULES!!!