Saturday, September 18, 2010

All in a night's work!!!

How did I start my FNSI? WELL, I started it the best way possible. I went with mom and spent the rest of my shop hop winnings at Harriet's Treadle Arts. These are my goodies. I was so excited that I got to replace mom's big ruler. We don't share rulers well. Kidding, we work well together. I got some little paper pieced block kits to practice my paper piecing. I also got a new spiffy quilt journal to document my finished quilts. I found some sunflower fabric I didn't have so I had to get fat quarters of each of them. Mom also found a fat quarter of a candy cane stripe that I got as well. I am glad that money is spent. It was burning a hole in my purse.

When we got home I settled in and started working on the "n" that I was supposed to get done last month.

After the "n" was finished I worked on my new Saturday sampler block. Mom is giving me her blocks and I am going to make a coffee quilt with an awesome coffee border fabric.

It was still kinda early when the block was done so I started on the "o" I was also supposed to have done last month. I know I am really behind but I am catching up; that's in part to FNSI.

I realized while taking the pictures that I didn't get around to showing off the past few months of blocks, so I got them out to show off. I am very proud of my work so far.


Jennifer said...

Your red and white blocks are so pretty and I love the embroidered initials!

ranette said...

LOVE, love, love the red and white blocks and your embroidered blocks!!!!

Thelma said...

That red and white quilt is going to be a treasure!! I just love it. I'll be eager to see the coffee border for the Saturday Sampler blocks, I've been thinking about doing something with some of that coffee themed fabric out there, I always look at it, but never buy it. Maybe seeing your finished project will give me the motivation I need.

Love what you bought, keep up with the quilt journal, you'll love it years down the road!

dianne said...

dagnabit - those red & white blocks are SO much prettier than the blue & white ... you wouldn't want to trade, would you?

thank you for not telling everybody that you are making your own coffee quilt because i STILL haven't gotten around to making your Deja Brew quilt - when i give you my neutral blocks, will we be even?