Sunday, September 19, 2010


Even though mom and I are not in any of the wildfire zones right now, we are feeling the effects.

The Slurry Bombers fly right over our house every run and they are very close to the ground and very loud.


dianne said...

and what's even worse is the fact that those aren't clouds - that's residual smoke!!!

too many homes lost because of a fire pit and a "controlled" burn - kinda puts the slurry bomber noise (including the pictures shaking off the walls) in perspective, huh?

Jennifer said...

We Aussies can sympathise too, we know all about's not good that the bombers are needed, but good that they are there to be used when necessary.

Cathy Burk said...

Not to make light of a very serious subject, but did anyone else see a witch riding a broomstick when they first looked at this? Hope things are much better out your way by now!!