Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh Goodies!!!

This is a picture of the fat quarters, charm, and pattern that I got on the Rocky Mountain Fever Quilt Shop Hop 2009. There were 4 mountain patterns, fall, spring. summer, and winter. Mom and I decided on fall. It was just to pretty to leave behind. My next favorite was the winter mountain pattern.

This is the fabric that I bought for my Snowman quilt that I have started. You can see that the batiks are the perfect color not only for the snowflake flannel but for the colors I chose for my Snowman quilt. I started Winter Wonderland the last week of June. I have finished 2 blocks, one I finished twice because I wanted to change a color. I decide to learn how to embroider on this pattern and work on it while my mom works on her Hocuspocusville.

"I like that guy. He says 'Okey-dokey.'"
"Looks like mister Okey-dokey is okey-dokey." Dean Winchester Supernatural


dianne said...

i love your goodies - that was a whole lotta fun, little girl!

and the countdown widget to An Echo in the Bone is totally cool!

i can't believe those stitches - how the heck did you get so good at embroidery in less than two months??!!

you can be my navigator any time - let's just remember to bring a real map next time, too

MamaT said...

Love the snowman and the colors you chose. It reminds me of ice.