Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Birthday FNSI!!!

So, let's start at the beginning. FNSI was on my birthday and, of course, I sewed and celebrated in style. I spent most of Friday morning at the Colorado DMV. Not the best place to spend your birthday, but certainly not the worst. After we were done there, mom offered to buy me lunch anywhere I wanted and she had no input since she wouldn't be eating. We both happened to be sick on my birthday, with different things. I chose the one place that she hates more than anything since she wasn't going to eat anyway. I love Taco Bell. She says she wants a place that gives you an after dinner mint. Well, it so happens that I was given not just a mint, but a peppermint with my meal.

I have the PROOF!!!

When we got home, I got to open my presents which were mostly quilting stuff. 2 quilt kits, some tiger fabric, a panel that I have been wanting, and the Monopoly panel that I need to make up the back of my monopoly quilt. I got a tea towel from Ant Nicci. Nicci also gave me a lighted compact mirror that she embroidered with an eye that looks just like my own. My sister and her kids gave me a lucky bamboo plant and a shamrock ring. Mom also gave me the fifth season of Supernatural on DVD.

Not photoed: Lucky the plant and Supernatural Season 5.

I watched John Cena on The Talk and ate my lunch. After I was done I went into the sewing room and started on my gift to myself. Mom bought me a red hat with black trim about a month ago, but I needed to have my black pea coat cleaned before I wore it. The coat came back from the cleaners, but I still needed a red and black bag to go with my new hat, so I made one for my birthday for FNSI.

After I finished the bag, I got to eat my favorite food in the entire world. My mom made me her lasagna, garlic bread and a salad. After that we ate a very expensive white chocolate raspberry cake. Mom got me colored flame candles and they were so awesome.

I was also given a feather weight sewing machine for my birthday and Christmas for the next ten years. I have named him Castiel, my little angel.

My FNSI was, indeed, very special. I also got the entire series of Renegade on DVD which is really cool and I can't wait to watch it and finally know how the show ends.

Yes, I do know that I am spoiled!!!


Jennifer said...

You are spoiled rotten! A Featherweight!! I had to buy mine! Best (slightly late) birthday wishes.

dianne said...

that is NOT an after-dinner mint, little girl!!! it was taped to a survey for Taco Bell - to keep you from automatically throwing away the little piece of paper ... that eye that your Auntie embroidered is absolutely GORGEOUS - and it looks JUST LIKE YOURS!!!

Thelma said...

WOW, what a birthday! I am green with envy that you are the proud owner of a Featherweight...a sparkly Featherweight!! You must have been a very good girl!