Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Renegade!!!

The second FNSI was last night, and what a night it was. I started early cause I had lots ta do. I have Christmas presents currently residing in front of my sewing machine, so I knew I had to do hand work. Good thing too, because I am several months behind on my candy cane letters.

I traced out the rest of the alphabet p-z and decided that I would work on the outlines only, and see how far I got. I worked on them while I watched the ending of Renegade season 1. Then it was time for the four hours of Without A Trace, so I stitched during the commercials. Then I stitched during the beginning of Renegade season 2. I got the outlines to P and Q done and was starting R when the thread had a hissy fit. My thread kept snapping. After giving it a good tongue-thrashing, I decided to go to bed.

Mom wanted me to skip to U after P so that my post would say P.U.

Since I didn't completely finish any of the letters, I didn't take a picture. I will post them when they are done so everyone can see.


Jennifer said...

Looking forward to seeing your initials, the ones you have shown so far are very pretty!

Thelma said...

Your Candy Cane letters are one of my most favorite embroidery projects, I live for pictures of those adorable blocks.....